Dont Hold Back

They tell a story of a Chassid who would go to his Rebbe every year and ask for a brocha to be rich, and every year the Rebbe wouldn't give him a brocha. One year, the Chassid asks the same brocha, and the Rebbe tells him to give him 400 rubles and he will be rich. The Chassid was shocked! He wanted to be rich, not poor! So he goes back home to his wife, and tells her the news. They realize that if they want to get the 400 rubles, they need to sell their horse and buggy, their entire income. Finally, they decide to do it, since Rebbe always knows best. Once the Chassid gives the Rebbe the money, everything he touches turns to gold. He is in many businesses in a short time, and becomes a very wealthy man. Back by the Rebbe, one of his Chasidim asked: Why did you make him give you 400 rubles? The Rebbe answered that every year he asked for the same brocha: My horse should be gazunt, My horse should be healthy. How much money can you make from a horse? I realized I had to get the horse out of the picture. So I told him to give me the horse. Then, he saw his children hungry, and asked that he should be rich, and now he is.

There are many times when we ask Brochas from Hashem and restrict his answers. If we ask for our "horse" to be healthy, then we are loosing out on any other endeavors that could be blessed. May we all be zoche to not hold back with what we ask for or how we bless, and let Hashem fill in the blanks with his imagination.

-Rabbi Manis Freidman ("Its good to know Tanya")



As many of you know, I was zoche to graduate from YU this semester, and since my parents paid over $150,000.00 for that education, I was forced to go to graduation.
Surprisingly, it was a very nice ceremony, featuring a very nice address by Tim Russet, and Stan "The Man" Watson getting an award from YU. However, there was another honorary degree that went out that needs mentioning.
After Stan got his award, YU honored R' Jacob (Yaacov) Birnbaum. To be honest, right when they started the ceremony for R' Birnbaum, I put my iPod on and was not paying too much attention. But then, when they mentioned his work for soviet Jews, he received a round of applause, someone caught my eye. Who was in the front row, standing up to give "props" to R' Birnbaum? Rebbe. After seeing this, I took of my iPod and listened to the accomplishments of this amazing man. According to YU:
"Jacob Birnbaum initiated the grassroots struggle for Soviet Jewry in New York City in 1964 and laid the groundwork for a national movement that energized an entire generation of Jewish activists. He is the founder and director of the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (SSSJ) and other Soviet Jewry organizations. Mr. Birnbaum derives from a distinguished European Jewish family of scholars, artists and poets. These include his grandfather, Nathan, a Jewish activist and a seminal figure in early Zionism, who is credited with coining the term Zionism, and was elected to the post of Secretary General of the first Zionist Congress in 1897. His father, Solomon, was a pioneer in two areas of Jewish scholarship. Mr. Birnbaum's family fled the Nazis and settled in England. After World War II, he worked with the victims of Nazism and Soviet totalitarianism and later the troubled Jewries of North Africa. He also served as the director of the Jewish Community Council of Manchester, England. After he settled in New York City, he created a teacher and student core of Soviet Jewry activists at Yeshiva University, and went on to build a significant New York institutional Soviet Jewry infrastructure in the 1960s. This established the primacy of "Let My People Go" and then "Let My People Know (their heritage)". Today he continues his efforts to strengthen the Jewish identity of Jews from the former Soviet Union. A United States House of Representatives resolution (HRes 137) "honoring the life and six decades of public service of Jacob Birnbaum" is in the final stages of the legislative process."
I just wanted to let the Revolution know of Rebbe's support for R' Birnbaum, and recognize the amazing accomplishments of this holy Yid.


Heilge Brothers....

I got engaged last night to Michaly Shtrasler of Petach Tikva!


What's in a name?

The boy's name Harold \ha-ro-ld\ is pronounced HARE-uld. It is of Scandinavian origin, and its meaning is "army ruler". Herald is also literally "one who proclaims". An Anglo-Saxon name. British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan; playwright Harold Pinter.

Harold has 19 variant forms: Araldo, Aralt, Aroldo, Arry, Garald, Garold, Hal, Harald, Haralds, Harolda, Haroldo, Harrell, Harry, Heraldo, Herlad, Herold, Herrold, Herrick and Herryck.

Pretty fitting for the leader of a revolution.

One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Raya mehemna bio

Lead singer and drummer Yitzchak Bitton composed all of the songs. Born in Morocco, he gained attention formerly in France with Les Variations who opened up for Led Zeppelin, Bachman Turner Overdrive and others. Then came his awakening to his Jewish roots and along with Moshe "Philippe" Narboni, Steve Schwab, Michael Belinsky and Robert Levin, he formed Raya Mehemna. The "before" and "after" photos on the inside cover of the album depict Bitton and Narboni with long hair, tight leather pants and vests and then with long beards, payot and kippahs.

Raya Mehemna

this is the first of several videos I have of Lag Ba'omer with Raya Mehemna...

Unfortunately the sound didnt come out on most of 'em, but I'll post em soon... for now, enjoy the drumming of ISAAC BITON!!!!!!!!!!


Has Rebbe Fulfilled his Rebbe Duties?

Our friends at Wikipedia have detailed Rebbe responsibilities. They are:
Functions carried out by Rebbes

There are some functions which are exclusively the domain of hasidic rebbes:

* Reading kvitlekh Not so much, though he does occasionally read a bechina.
* Leading a tish Most definitely.
* Participating in family celebrations of the chasidim, such as weddings and brisn (circumcision ceremony) Certainly.
* Performing mitzvos etc. in the presence of their chasidim, such as kindling the Chanuka lights and drawing water to bake matzos with See previous posts.
* Leading the prayers on Shabbos, Holy Days and other special occasions When the Rubin shul snags don't get in the way.
* Delivering learned or inspirational discourses Always.

Rebbe at the Torah

Who is this Rabbi?

Bonus Rebbe Trivia Points to anyone who knows, and why this Rebbe is on our Rebbe Blog


the RRRR spreads its wings

FYI - we have been discovered by someone at apple770 or whatever its called. I always liked their video selection.


Rebbe and the Geulah, Part 2

In an earlier post, Field Commander Eli Kohl posed a number of questions about Geulah and Rebbe. I would like to add a few thoughts.

The Maharal explains that while we yearn for Moshiach, the arrival of the Geulah is actually a double edged sword; the presence of G-d will be so clear that bechirah, and the potential for earning spiritual reward, will no longer be available.

I wonder what our relationship with Rebbe will be like at the time of Geulah. Clearly, the snags of the world will either be destroyed or de-snagified, and all the Jewish people will be jostling to sit at Rebbe's feet and to hand him bananas. Where, then, will that leave us? Will we be subsumed mong the multitudes, destined only to hear Rebbe's teachings through loudspeakers and iPods?
Essentially, will the ultimate success of the revolution be its downfall?


The Kli Yakar writes that those who wish to become prophets should first become shepherds, as they will have ample time to commune with G-d, while also learning the skills necessary to care for and lead the Jewish people. This was the path taken by some all time great prophets, such as: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, and finally, Lenny Solomon.
Postscript: I believe this photograph was taken in the fields outside of Shilo. In fact, those are Rebbe's sheep...

Striemel not just a band?

5) As most people know, Rebbe's spiritual mentor is the mashgiach, Rav Moshe Wolfson shlitah. In Rav Wolfson's Emunas Yisrael Beis Midrash, all Chasidim inside wear shtreimlach. Only two people dont wear shtreimlach; Rav Wolfson and Rebbe. One Shabbas when Rebbe was in Emunas Yisrael, Rebbe went after services to wish the mashgiach a "gut shabbas". When it was Rebbe's turn to offer his hand, Rav Wolfson said, "Heshy, when Mashiach come, you and I will also be wearing shtreimlach."

Rebbe at Tu b'Shevat Seder, 2005

Rebbe declaring a Tu b'Shevat victory.


I'm sure glad we have our Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is gentle, wise, and knowledgeable. Not only does he serve as leader, he also has diplomatic skills in case they meet humans or other creatures, and usually manages to speak without using the "smurf" word.

Papa Smurf's duty is to ensure all the Smurfs of the village get along well, are nice to each other, and don't fight. When real chaos rises among them, Papa Smurf takes very drastic measures, often using magic, like switching bodies with Gargamel in order to pretend to attack the village ("Smurf Versus Smurf" issue) or even creating a whole other village of evil doubles of the original Smurfs ("The Smurf Menace" issue).

When he is not doing his leader or "father-knows-best" job, Papa Smurf indulges in his favorite hobby: magical chemistry, or alchemy. He often makes elixirs to help out Smurfs who get themselves into peril. His house is a huge laboratory with several chemical devices, and he tries to create potions for the good of the Smurfs, yet sometimes fails - such as the time he accidentally created a substance that turned any living thing into a huge monster (see the album: "The Smurfs and the Cracoucass").


The Comments on the Rebbe-day parade has raised a long time issue. This blog and overall Ruach Revival has a policy of "No Snags"- so if your are a snag- please leave your snag baggage at the door and get ready to smile and hug yidden you have never met before.



Rebbe Victory at YoGo's Wedding

Yogo's in the Yichud room, the rest of the chasidim are seated around a table, and spontaneously decide to fabreng. Here's a clip of some of the Nitsachon Niggun (brought down by the Rebbe on Chanukah 2005). You ask: Where is Rebbe for his niggun? The answer: Wherever you let him in.

Either we totally freaked the Rebbe out, or he was going to town at the shmorg's fruit station. Possible both. Stay tuned for the Levite Schlepper's Victory Entebbe Niggun (featuring Shooki).


Through the years, you've never let me down, You've turned my life around. The sweetest days I've found, I've found with you...

Through the years
I've never been afraid
I've loved the life we've made
And I'm so glad I've stayed
Right here with you
Through the years

רבי רייכמן, אנחנו אוהבים אותך

Here is a clip from the YU Purim Chagiga of 2005. Nice to know that we have Hasidic and Mexican soldiers in the Rebbe's army.

YOGO's Stock Pick of the DAY!

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Rebbe loves a parade!!!

Here's Rebbe posing with a few Modern Orthodox Jews at the Salute to Israel Day Parade. I don't know who they are. If you know, please comment to this post. Ah, never mind. It doesn't really matter.

The Salute to Rebbe Parade will be better.

Addition: Look at Rebbe's hands in comparison to the rabbi next to him. Chesed over Gevurah or Gevurah over Chesed?


Who is a Talmid?

What makes someone a talmid of our Rebbe? Talmudic finesse? Acts of kindess? Fear and love? Imitatio Rebbe?

In this oldie but goodie from the Fall of 2003 - they don't call me Zakein for nutin' - Rebbe calls Abe (the mad Russian) his talmid and explains what Abe did to deserve such distinction.

BTW, I saw Abe in Israel a few months ago. I did not inquire as to his diet.

The meeting Place

On very special occasions when Rebbe is really in his groove and he is mamash reaching into the heavens he gives "The Invite". Rebbe has repatedly said that the year Talmud Torah "Tuf Tuf" (not all to far away) is the last possible date when Mashiach will come. We are all to meet on Yom Kippur at shar schem(the east gate to the old city) at ten o'clock after a nice long davening and breakfast(See the archive for Rebbe's special dispensation to eat on yom kippur when it coincides with the geulah ). We will then procede to bring a Korban Todah. I have been twice blessed by Rebbe to be part of the band that will usher in the messianic era(it's a toss up between Neshama and the Rebbe Reichman Ruach Revival Band). I'm sure I must have left out some of the details so feel free to comment so we can get a better picture o what the day will look like. For instance what will rebbe wear for the event? Will he be accompanied by the YU Roshei Yeshivah donning their graduation wardrobes? A little help .. It's all a blur!


Ancient Photograph Rescued from HIR Genizah

It seems to me that the only difference between Clark Kent and Superman is the glasses. Something to ponder.


Come on Rebbe Light my Fire - Lag Ba'Omer 2003

Belzer Rebbe travels to Belz with 1200 Chassidim

May 3rd, 2007

More than 1200 Belzer Chassidim accompanied the Belzer Rebbe Shlita on a historic visit to the Belzer Shtetel in the Ukraine. He arrived on Monday morning in Lvov (Lemberg) and traveled to Belz (approx. 90 min drive) where they were Mispallel at the Kivrei Tzadikim of the First Three Belzer Rebbe’s; (R’ Shulem ZATZAL, his Son R’ Shea ZATZAL & his Son R’ Yesochor Dov ZATZAL). This was also the first time since WWII that they were Mispallel at the first Belzer Rebbitzen Malka’s Kever - since it was just recently discovered. The Rebbe returned to Eretz Yisroel later that evening.

Rebbe in the Succah



Although it is cold out it's nice and warm inside.

A certain paisan of mine has reminded me to check out the blog. I see that there's much I need to catch up on.

Mazel tov A-lee Kohl. May your son be Rebbe's chosen one. In other words, may he rise like Pinchas, to shish kebob the snags who have banned Rebbe from the 8:30 minyan - and like Pinchas may he be blessed with infinite peace. May he build castles with the sand of Gush Katif, the broken luchos that fall from Rebbe's pockets.

My quick scan of the blog indicates that my Sicilian brother - who may or may not be a made guy - has tried to make the leap to the hidden one in the desert. The time is not ready for this meeting. Don't make me distract you with gavadeel and gravy.

I will be posting some clips and teachings from the old days... Here's one from lag.


Blessings, ZM


Got a Light?

There was once a chasid who was traveling on a wagon together with the holy Rebbe of Shinyiva, and the wind was blowing strongly. The Rebbe asked the chasid to light his pipe for him because he wanted to smoke . The chasid tried lighting it but the wind kept on blowing out the matches, (imagine trying light a cigarette while riding a motorcycle.) Then the Shinyiver told the following story.
One Leil Shabbos in home the holy Rebbe Reb Mendle Riminover the candles were already lit but the windows were kept open because of the extreme heat. Suddenly it seemed that wind was going to blow out the Shabbos candles. So the Rebbe Reb Mendle went over to the window and said, "Ribono Shel Olam, I need lights for Shabbos Kodesh." And the wind stopped entering the window while continuing to blow outside. Went the Shinyiver finished the story he told him, "Now light he pipe." And he then successfully lit it with one match.
The Rebbe then said that it was not a miracle, its just that the tales about the righteous have the power to bring about things similar to the occurrences in the that were told about.