Corporal Izzy learned to box in the U.S. Army. He defended his Flyweight title five times, officially retiring his crown. In fact, Izzy lost his last title fight by a 15-round decision to Willie LaMorte. However, Izzy’s manager had become the opponent’s manager the night before the match. New York State refused to recognize the bout as a championship, declaring the title vacant because of the manager’s deception.


לפרוק עול

אני לא יצרתי את עצמי
אתה החובק כל רחבי תבל יצרתני
ושמתני במקום הזה
בזמן הזה
בעבודה הזאת
בנר"ן שלי
וגם טעויותי מראש ידעת
ואת חולשותי מאז צפית
לכן את פחדי אקח
ואשליך למצולות
למקום אשר לא יפקד עוד
כי איתך עוז וביטחה
ואתה את עולי תשא


Ups and Downs, Chodesh Tammuz

It is obvious to us all that the activity on the blog has slowed to a trickle...

Not to worry; as Rebbe teaches, spiritual energies both ebb and flow. It is not by coincidence that we have entered a period of time during which the spirit of Esav wields control - from Rosh Chodesh tammuz until Tu B'Av.

It is time to lay low - our enemies abound, and have grown confident.


Shout out to Rebbe

just wanted to touch base with the blog. chi-town is being sown with revival seeds. the wind blows and it whispers...Rebbe Rebbe reeeeeeeeeebe.

I remember one time in shuir we were talking about how a hundred years ago, pictures of the Rebbes were frowned upon. the only way you could get a picture of someone like the Baal Hatanya was to put him in jail for possession of chasiduss. So- Rebbe was saying how today is different and how most Rebbe-figures encourage it- this includes Rebbe giving approval for handing out Rebbe glossies. We even talked about making Rebbe-figures. like GI joes but with Rebbish levush.

But the point that was made was that today we must use all tools in the fight for the preservation of the ruach. maybe we could get hetterim for rebbe tattoos?

Rav Wolfson said that in this messianic age, as a last dying wish, Hashem has granted the Sitra Acher reshut to go past the yidishe mezuzah and into the yidishe heim. comrades, it is a very toxic and dangerous age we live in.

Next time u are at Rebbe's for a meal or whatever try to grab a couch pillow or a tie for me. Ill pay for shipping and ill pay extra for any headwear.
much love.


From the mouth of an Alter Chosid

Here in the holy city of Yerushalayim one has the luxury of having different places where one can get in touch with the diverse energies of the tribes of Israel. If you dig the old time litfish Yerushalmi vibe then you've got to hang out in the Zichron Moshe, and in Batei Broyde in Nachlaot (the unhippified part). If you yearn for the last vestiges of authentic Shephardic spiritualty that has not yet been stamped out by the Ashkenazi/Zionist hegemony go spend time in the Musayoff Bet Knesset in Shchunat Habucahrim. But some people get that kicks davka from the pure hungarian Haimishkiet, they enjoy nothing more than praying the morning services at 11 o'clock in a minyan of men with wet beards and payos and very heavy silver Ataros and Chassidic accents, followed by herring, brandy and kokosh cake. The place for that is the Satmar Shul on rechov Yoel(!).
Now, I have some friends who fall into the last category. One of them is someone by the name of Motty who related to me the following tale. It was told to him by an octogenarian Chassidic man who davens in Satmar. This man served Tzahal back in the day and then did twenty years of Miluim (Chareidi parasites!) Once while he was a soldier he merited to attend the last tish of the Husyatiner Rebbe; a very holy Rebbe who held his court in the holy city of Tel Aviv. The Rebbe gave this yid a challa roll who proceeded to put it in his khaki knapsack. Eleven months later he was cleaning his bag for Pesach and he found this roll. It was totally fresh like the day it was given to him.
Zechuso Yagen Alenu


Totally Unbelievable Video

The Nimshal is up to your creative interpretation