Long before the revolution was formed
our rebbe had a plan he set into motion
he plucked the most displaced souls off benches and out of study halls
gave them ruach and revived their slumbering spirits

He uncovered the grandeur that existed in each one
made them aware of their strengths and tasked them with creating a small ray of light in a sea of darkness
he surely knew the bond that would be formed
and understood that the hidden thief would have to cause their dispersion
lest they bring life to wisdom

each it appeared was driven out to the great abyss
one on a mound of maneur, another into the world of untruths
some were sent to gather sparks from the valentines day massacre and a comrade was even sent to become a corn husker

Yet it is clear to the one who can see with great depth
that our rebbe was behind this great dispersion
he executed it
without much exertion

He meant to have esteemed rabbis,westerners, and commoners as students
and have them execute his will without much direction
yet one thing he may not have anticipated is the haze of the galus
rebbe did you anticipate it?
how could such a pure soul anticipate the blur?

But alas I digress in my heresy
and am sure that my rebbe is thinking of me?
Oh certain I am this was part of the plan
But who can shed light on the great reunion planned?(purim 5771?)


Conveying the Message

Sometimes I think the selichot were introduced in order to give us one last chance to connect to hashem through words. The rabbis kind of say here are a lot of words the wordiest ones there are. We say them with fervor and diligence. I have heard in the name of rav yoel, that on rosh hashana we say "hashem I can't express how I feel about you in words. I've been trying all year and it just isn't working. But listen to this sound of the shofar and you'll know exactly how I feel. You see this carrot, fish head, beets, celery and raisin, this is what I have been trying to say to you all along.


SIghtings Past and Future

Shanah Tovah to all. As we are preparing for Rosh Hashanah here in Omaha, the Omaha Jewish Press decided to expose some RRRR to the community. I hope the RRRR chevra will followup on these articles by coming to visit in person (either incognito or as an emissary).

Kesiva ve-Chasima Tovah