A Forgotten Chassidic Minhag

One of the catalysts for the Cherem against Chassidim in the 1770's (an interesting time...), was the ecstatic practices of the Chassidim of R. Avraham of Kalisk, (he later led the Chassidic aliya together with R. Mendel of Vitebsk, and was niftar in Teveria.) They used to do somersaults in shul while shouting, "For God! and for the Rebbe!"


Rebbe's Minions

min·ion (mĭn'yən)
An obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant.
A subordinate official, especially a servile one.
One who is highly esteemed or favored; a darling.

Entrance Music?


Now that it is obvious that Rebbe waits for his entrance music before making an appearance anywhere, I was wondering about the entrance for the music for the rest of the Revolution. If you ever watched professional wrestling (c'mon, admit it), you will notice that factions usually have one entrance music whenever a member comes out (Nation of Domination, 4 Horsemen, etc). However, sometimes the leader of the group has his own entrance music to set himself apart from the rest of the group (Hulk Hogan in the NWO). So, I was wondering, which side does the Revolution take. Is Rebbe's Niggun the groups entrance music, or just Rebbe's, and if so, what's the Revolution's entrance song????

LeShem Matzos Mitzvah!!!!!

Vintage video of visit to Shatzers Matzo Makery in Williamsburg with Rebbe Reichman...

LeShem Matzos Mitzvah!!!!! (Part 2)

Here is an in depth interview with the guy who shoves the Matzah in the oven.. As you can see he was very forthcoming and enthusiastic about our being there with Rebbe....


Reggae star in Yerushalayim

Here is a video of a guy named Pato performing for a group of Hippelach Yidden and some Arabs in an apartment in Yerushalayim. I think that we share a sentiment with people like this, that is, down with the Western cultural imperialism!


rebbe reichman videos attempt 1


Rebbe Reichman in gav's succah

the four faces of rebbe

rebbe uses ancient meditation methods from the holy temple to turn the picture to black and white
Rebbe teaches us how to surf on the beaches of nahariya.(hang ten)
Rebbe poses for a meal mart promotional ad(breath easy it's really a chochlate covered banana inside the bun)
enjoying some time in the limelight with cdiddy

New Way to War 180s


YoGo and I both saw Rebbe wearing 180 ear muffs a special way. Instead of conventionally wearing them around his ears, he wore then AROUND HIS MOUTH. We suspect this is because he has reached the level of Moshe Rabainu, and has stopped speaking. Now, all he does is open his mouth and a voice comes out (like Moshe Rabainu with his Nevuah). I know it's already spring time, but we need to get this around for next year to either A) Start the trend to that Rebbe doesn't feel uncomfortable, or B) Get custom RRRR 180's for Rebbe (maybe with "Kodesh LeHashem" on it).

Pesach info...

First of all, it's nice to be back with family for the holy holiday.
Secondly, after those remarks by YoGo, all I want to say is that if you wake up with a horse head in your sheets...it didnt come from me.
On to business: My family has given me the opportunity to NOT be in Miami for Chol HaMoed Pesach this year, the first time in a while. So where am I going? Scottsdale, Arizona, home of the Biltmore Resort and a certain "Scottsdale Torah Institute, The Center for Spiritual Growth," with Scholar in Residence Michael Shapiro. Now, I know that a trip to Arizona has already been tried by many members of the RRRR, but since i'm going anyways, would it be out of order to visit? Should I bring him a picture of Rebbe, or other RRRR propaganda? What should I do?

Gathering the Sparks

I have been trying to gather the sparks of the Revolution together in the Holy Land in order to break forth and spread the light. It looks like we might be making a Road Trip to the states to scout out some places in need of Rebbe's light.


You might find Gav here


Where is Rabbi Jeff? gav? Reb Feivel? Rav E. Kenig? Chacham David? Ben SC? Chaim L-blatt? Shanan G?...the list goes on.

I wanted to relate a part of a dream I had. It involved machine guns, me, and Rebbe.

Then end of the dream involved Rebbe smiling at me, saying that he is not mad at all...WhaT does this mean?


From a Brother in the Real Home of the Free

Hi Yidden!
LeChaim to the poetic, artistic, freespirited yiddishkiet that you guys are all working towards!


quick question, are allowing Josh "French" Liget to contribute to this blog? What does the brotherhood think? The only thing I can think of that would be worthwhile is that he had this awsome vanilla mint toothpase....yogo

Rebbe's YUTorah.org Bio

Anyone around YU who reads this, it might be cool to find the person who maintains the YUTorah website (an amazing resource of torah), and ask them (politely) if they might consider updating Rebbe's bio, removing the several typos, and uploading one of the new press photos taken a few months ago... Anyways, just a thought. No reason wikipedia should have a more lengthy and up-to-date bio on Rebbe than YUs site.

Speaking of the wikipedia article, perhaps a few of Rebbe's talmidim should take a closer look at it, add a photo, etc.

Here's the extent of the YU bio now:

Rabbi Reichman, a Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Program, has authored 5 voulumes of Reshimos Shiurim of Rav Yosef Dov Soloveichik, which include Mesechtos Sukkah, Shavuos, Nedarim and Bava Kamma. Rabbi Reichman has a PHD of Operations Research from NYU.

Any volunteers to write a new and improved version?

(no offense meant towards the person who wrote the bio, by the way)...

Next wedding...

We will be celebrating another of Rebbe's children getting married...this time it will be a child of biological condition. It will be right after pesach time. It will in the monsey area.

In other news...Josh Liget was pronounced MIA and is presumed to have moved back to his birthland, La Rochelle,France. Before coming to America Josh Spigot was known as El Gimpo- but the question remains is he devoted to Rebbe? Does he even know his apartment number?

Until next time...Yogurto

PS.props to the kohls for five star hospitality.Ask for the peanut butter and jelly special.

Yogo Purifying a Tractor for Use in Rebbe's Army

(note: turn volume low to avoid silly laughter. or, turn it up I guess.)

Iowa Wedding Photos!

Who knew the photographer would work that quickly. Notice the conspicuous absence of a photo of the lovely bride. Oops. Sorry... Its OK though, because there are plenty of images of Rebbe (and Yogo), and farm equipment to satisfy your soul's thirst.

New Concept:

Yogo and Rebbe: Gatorade for the Soul...

Yogo prepares to shake the holy maracas

Rebbe shmoozing

Rebbe Waive

Yogo and Elie Commandeering the Tractor for Rebbe's Army

Yogo Blessing the Tractor with an ancient spiritual maraca dance

"My Work is Complete Here."

Elie Kohl doing what he does best. Playing with large, dangerous farm equipment.

Dan, Elie

Don't mess with Chicago. I am armed with maracas and prepared to use them.

John and a friend share an intimate moment under the chuppa.

The Historic Night Club / Shul.

Elie with an evil smile on his face

Rebbe Walking

The Holy Chuppa

Beautiful Domed Roof. This would have been a crazy Night Club.


John, Dan.

Two Kings: Rebbe, John

The Holy Chatan. Ready to take on the cornfields of the world.