Preparing for the Great Day

The British do not let us train with weapons, so we use mops instead.
Corporal Izzie, Mr. B., and little Yehuda Shraga beware:
The Daughters of the Revolution have arrived.

Minyan Woes

For those not zocheh to to daven with Rebbe on a regular basis, and who need serious chizuk to to get out to synagogue and pray with tired Modern Orthodox Jews, here is some help:

Perhaps the RRRR can form some kind of alliance with HaRav Itche Kadoozy? While we have contemplated Rebbe in action figure form, puppets and muppets offer a whole new vista...
Thanks to our Field Commander for the introduction to Rav Itche.

A Distant Shore

As soldiers of the Revolution, we all realize that the fruits of our labors may not be seen for quite some time. We may often feel disheartened. Yet the waiting, the need for patience - this is all part of the plan.

As Tocqueville explains, it is the believers who are able to take the long term view, and ultimately reach the shores of victory. But we must not allow the light of faith to grow dim...

In his words:

In ages of faith the final aim of life is placed beyond life. The men of those ages, therefore, naturally and almost involuntarily accustom themselves to fix their gaze for many years on some immovable object towards which they are constantly tending, and they learn by insensible degrees to repress a multitude of petty passing desires in order to be the better able to content that great and lasting desire which possesses them. When these same men engage in the affairs of this world, the same habits may be traced in their conduct. They are apt to set up some general and certain aims and end to their actions here below, towards which all their efforts are directed; they do not turn from day to day to chase some novel object of desire, but they have settled designs which they are never weary of pursuing....

But in proportion as the light of faith grows dim, the range of man's sight is circumscribed, as if the end and aim of human actions appeared every day to be more within his reach. When men have once allowed themselves to think no more of what is to befall them after life, they readily lapse into that complete and brutal indifference to futurity which is but too conformable to some propensities of mankind. As soon as they have lost the habit of placing their chief hopes upon remote events, they naturally seek to gratify without delay their smallest desires; and no sooner do they despair of living forever, than they are disposed to act as if they were to exist but for a single day. In skeptical ages it is always to be feared, therefore, that men may perpetually give way to their daily casual desires, and that, wholly renouncing whatever cannot be acquired without protracted effort, they may establish nothing great, permanent, and calm.

Alexis De Tocqueville


Mazal Tov!!!

Mazal tov to our Minister of Propaganda on the bris of his son! May he be raised with a shem mishmuel in one hand, a guitar in the other, and the spirit of the RRRR in his heart.


The End of Philistine Rule - Only a Matter of Time....

I spoke yesterday with a friend of the Revolution, who told me this incredible story that took place at the RIETS-Isralight seminar /getaway (My second hand retelling is not at all accurate; but does it really matter?):

At the end of the program, Rabbi Brander, Rabbi Aaron and others took questions from the Semichah guys on the issue being discussed - how to inspire people in prayer. Rabbi Aaron pointed out during this session that the use of song, and specifically R Shlomo's niggunim, can help inspire people tremendously. At this point, one of our holy warriors, Shimshon, raised his hand and asked: " how can you tell us to use the power of song to inspire people, when we who daven on Rosh Chodesh with Rebbe Reichman in Furst Hall, when we who use the power of niggun in prayer, are marginalized by the establishment at YU itself?
Rabbi Brander responded: "Things are changing; the ship is turning. It will take time, but it is inevitable..."



As I was filling out my application to become a member of the New York Bar, I reached a question which caused me to pause:

'Have you ever organized or helped to organize or become a member of any organization or group of persons which, during the period of your membership or association, you knew was advocating or teaching that the government of the United States should be overthrown or overturned by force, violence or any unlawful means?'
As members of the revolution, we believe not in democracy, but rather in Rebbeocracy. We seek a new order, and the reign of Rebbe. How can I answer this question?


Giving with Freedom

Shimon the Righteous said, "I have never eaten from the offering of a Nazir who was unintentionally impure, except for once..." This is because usually when people accept upon themselves the nazirite vow it is because they were feeling guilty about something that they did. Then later when they inadvertently become impure and consequently must keep more days as a nazirite, they regret their vow. Shimon did not want to eat from an offering whose owner had already changed his mind and is thus bringing his offering to the temple only because the law says he must.

The Gemara is teaching a basic guideline in the service of God. Do not make guilt the basis of your devotion. Guilt may be a very driving force at the beginning but in the long run it does not support genuine service and giving. Guilt is an inner movement of moving away from or reacting to something negative. Shimon the Righteous said he would only eat from an offering that was offered out of feelings of unfettered love and giving. An offering inspired by guilt lacks that holy freedom.

This does not mean that the feeling of guilt has no purpose at all. It is useful as a catalyst. It can remind the person of those values that were very dear to him but for some reason got forgotten. For example, I said something insulting to my friend and I feel very guilty about it. This guilt reminds me how important it is for me to be kind to people in general and how I am fond of this person in particular. Now I can act not out of the negative and reactive feeling of guilt rather out of my internal feeling of kindness.


Eliyahu HaNavi Apperance This Tuesday!

Be'Ezras Hashem,
The Revolution, and specifically The Minister of Propaganda, is proud to announce the Bris of YoGo and Halley Goldstein on Tuesday, January 15th. The Bris will be at 8:45 at Rav Twerski's shteibel, khalchasidim.org, in Chicago, IL. All supporters of Rebbe are welcome.


Tu Bishvat Seders/Festivities?


Please take this opportunity to post (in the comments section) any and all Tu Bishvat Events you may be planning or know about over the coming weeks.

I will compile a list if there are more than a few and repost it.



Just in Time for Summer Camp with Rebbe!!!

Mazel Tov Yogo and Halley! Its a Boy!


Block Voting and the Future of RRRR Political Machine Politics

(New York, NY) - January 7th


As the corn-husks and sawdust settle back the the ground in Iowa (John!), and the candidates with their entourages of supporters and handlers have moved forward to the Granite State, the nation is one step closer to knowing who will be chosen to represent the Democratic and Republican parties, and ultimately, who will hold the position of power in the White House for the next four years.

What remains shrouded in mystery, however, is the largest X-factor of this entire race. Reporters will scratch and stroke their botoxed foreheads in dismay and consternation for decades to come, wondering: "why didn't we pay more attention to the Reichman factor?"

You see, friends (and enemies), I hereby call upon all card-carrying members of the RRRR to band together. To unite, act, think, and ultimately vote, as ONE. When Rebbe sings with us the holy song "Yachad Yachad," he sings not simply of spiritual matters, but of political ones as well. Remaining faithful to the principles of the Revolution demands not only alliegance with our hearts, minds, wallets, guitars, bongo drums, and kidneys, but also, and some might say, most importantly, with our VOTES!!

The question is not: who should I as Danimal or Akiva ben Canaan, or Machine Gun Fodder vote for, but WHO WOULD REBBE LIKE TO WIN THE OVAL OFFICE? I ask you, brethren (and sistren, who now also have the vote), start entering the mindset of block-voting. Bring the power of the RRRR to the ballot box, and we shall truly taste victory be'yachad, for the good of Rebbe, the country, and the goals of Revolutionary progress.

More to come as we march onward to victory...