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Rabbi Hershel Reichman

A veteran student of Rabbi Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik, Rabbi Hershel Reichman has been a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University for over thirty years. In addition to directing and inspiring hundreds of students in his Talmud class, he has also written five books, entitled Reshimos Shiurim, based on the notes of the Talmud classes of Rabbi Soloveitchik. Additionally, Rabbi Reichman is a teacher of Hasidism, and is particularly fond of the philosophy of the Shem Mishmuel. He is known for his love of Israel and political activism on its behalf.

In Naaleh's Fall 2007 Term, Rabbi Reichman teaches Torah Online in his class, "Chassidut on the Parsha".


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Rebbe in 'chester county...

Carlebach Shabbaton, Mt. Kisco (Westchester), 10/26-27/2007
Posted by: "chopkovi" chopkovi@yahoo.com chopkovi
Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:37 am (PST)
Men and Women invited!
5th Annual Carlebach Shabbaton
October 26th & 27th

We will be joined by Rabbi Herschel Reichman of Yeshiva University

Dinner at the shul on Friday night, October 26th
5:30pm Services ~ 7:00pm Dinner

Oneg following dinner
$18 per person/$45 per family

Shabbat Day Services begin at 9:00am
Special Drasha given by Rabbi Reichman
Mincha and Spiritual Shalashudis 5:00 pm


Rabbi Aharon Goldsheider, Rabbi of Shul
For more information, Contact:
Mt. Kisco Hebrew Cong. - office@mkhc. org, P (914) 242-7460, F (914)
Address: 15 Stewart Place; Mount Kisco, NY 10549

or contact, Rabbi Yehuda Willig - yawillig@yu. edu


There will be a bus leaving from and returning to Washington Heights,
at Yeshiva University, 186th Street & Amsterdam Avenue. Men and Women
can ride. contact mechinah@yu. edu for more info.


Paul Schaefer from the Late Show with David Letterman lives in the
area and may be making an appearance as well!


Commercialization of the Revolution, Part II - Lessons from the Evangelicals

As we ponder ways to spread the light of Rebbe, the Revolution and the RRRR, it may be instructive to look at some false, yet successful, competitors.

Imagine the Possibilities...

"But what is it about the evangelical "product" that makes it so desirable? Any number of scholars have noted that, in recent years, it has been the churches that demand the most of people -- tithing, bowing to firm doctrines, observing strict rules of conduct -- that have grown the fastest. There seems to be something in our nature that requires from religion not just feel-good spirituality but strong moral direction. We are willing to make sacrifices to live by the dictates of a religiously grounded truth.
Mr. Twitchell manages to reduce this profound idea to the dictates of basic consumer theory. Sacrifice, he says -- not least, tithing -- signifies value. The more you sacrifice, the more you visibly value the product for which you are giving something up, and the more you show other people that you value it, too. "Why do true believers sometimes puncture themselves, walk on their knees until they bleed, fast until they are skeletal or join a monastery and go mum?" Mr. Twitchell asks. "Brand allegiance."

Taking from the Wall Street Journal, A Book Review of "Shopping for God", by NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY


Does anyone want anything from Romanian???

I just got this appraised...some say it is a monet some say picasso...



Rebbe asked me to correct an earlier Post, in which one of Rebbe's closest Talmidim accidentally wrote that we will all be meeting with Rebbe in the year Taf Taf, on Yom Kippur. As Rebbe explained, we will not be meeting on Yom Kippur, but rather Tisha B'Av, which will be a Yom Tov at the time of Moshiach. So, to clarify, we will be meeting:

When: The Year Taf Taf, Tisha B'Av morning, 10:00 AM

Where: Shaar HaMizrach

Hillulla with Rebbe

I just spoke to Rebbe, who asked me to make the Following Announcement:

Please Join Rebbe, the Shiur and the rest of Klal Yisrael at a Hillulla for Rav Shlomo Carlebach TZ"L

When: Sunday, October 28th, 5:30pm

Where: The Rubin Shul, YU


Road Trip?

I think a road trip to visit Rabbi Yaakov, the Chief Rabbi of Nova Scotia (f'k'a "Rabbi Jeff" / Minister of Agriculture) is in order.

Or maybe we should take a ferry, with Rebbe, George Washington style

Quiet Desperation...

Welcome to my world. When the final battle begins, please pull me out from under my rock, together with the rest of the machine gun fodder, so that I don't miss all the fun and gore.