The giving tree

I was blind, and I could not see
Rebbe had a real prfound affect on me
He jumped down into the pit I was in
washed the kelipot off of my skin
Rebbe is the giving tree


Call for Rebbe Limericks

There once was a man from YU,
Who honestly loved every Jew,
Known for Torahs astute,
he often eats fruit,
My soul he enlightens anew.

Haiku Project - Completed.

Here are all the submissions. Please vote for your favorite.

Shekhina longing,
he sings Naomi Shemer.
Rebbe’s Hallel rocks.
-Zakein Mamrei

O' cold, dark galus...
Is rebbe the mashiach?
Only time will tell.
-The Holy Poet

grapefruit banana
orange melon mango nut
He removes klipah.
-Zakein Mamrei

off to victory
we stand on Rebbe's shoulders
A sword dipped in blood
-Akiva Ben Canaan

Rebbe's Shabbos Lunch,
we taste his words of Torah,,
and beanless cholent.
-Zakein Mamrei

From the Thought of Brisk
Out Comes Holy Reshimos
Is a Real Litvak

Eight-thirty minyan,
Rebbe walks up to daven,
out by ten thirty.

Cold,Lost,and Alone?
Sing Rebbe's Entrance Music,
And He will appear.

wise eyes spark'ling,
torah, love, fruit always fresh,
rebbe is the source.

Watch Jetson's Reruns
Before and During Seder
Way to Spend a Day!!
-Anonymous Snag

snag, snag, go away
Lick the dust at Rebbe's feet
Or taste destruction
-Akiva Ben Canaan in response to Anonymous Snag

Oh impudent clown,
Know that you will not be missed,
I have a shovel.
-Kra Satan (AKA Zakein Mamrei)
in response to Anonymous Snag

Rebbe has a beard,
Rebbe sometimes wears a hat,
Rebbe is very nice.
-The Holy Poet

An Hegelian
synthesis is this Rebbe
a Brisker Chossid.
-Zakein Mamrei


RRRR Winter Gathering

The Council of Elders of the RRRR, in conjunction with the RRRR Men's Club, and the Daughters of the RRRR Revolution, the Rebbe Youth Army, and sponsored by the letter R, and the number 8,

cordially invite all members of the Council of Elders of the RRRR to a:

-Kumsitz (led by the RRRR house band)
-Strategic Planning Meeting
-Mexican Fiesta (with Pinyata and Margaritas)

Location and Time To Be Decided
(probably Washington Heights)

Special guests may include:

Ministers of Defense, Fashion Couture, Finance, and Minister Without Portfolio, Martha Stewart (fresh from Prison) and a variety of Rebbe Youth.

Family and friends of the Revolution are invited with limited exception. ID's will be checked at the door. Please call or email Danimal or leave a message in the comments to let me know about your availability. We hope to have a firm date in mind by Thursday.

In honor of Sefer Shemos - Slavery

Nothing in America is so painful to the traveler as the lack of joy. Pleasure if frantic and bacchanalian, a matter of momentary oblivion, not of delighted self-expression. Men whose grandfathers danced to the music of the pipe in Balkan or Polish villages sit throughout the day glued to their desks, amid typewriters and telephones, serious, important and worthless. Escaping in the evening to drink and a new kind of noise, they imagine that they are finding happiness, whereas they are finding only a frenzied and incomplete oblivion of the hopeless routine of money that breeds money, using for the purpose the bodies of human beings who souls have been sold into slavery.

Abusing Geese

It appears that the qualifications for becoming Rebbe's Son in Law have reached new heights:

http://livestranger.blogspot.com/ - begin with the posts at the bottom.

We should all be zocheh to such tales!


Put this in the comments of one of them, but wanted to make sure it was out there...

Cold,Lost,and Alone?
Sing Rebbe's Entrance Music,
And He will appear.


wise eyes sparkling,
torah, love, fruit always fresh,
rebbe is the source.

How does Rebbe spend Nittelnacht?


Not Rabbi, but Reb Jeff

This is the dude in my shul. He also has a online radio show. www.newjewishwakeup.com

I was talking to Reb Jeff this morning and he told me a great parable. After complimenting him on his insight he told me, "I'm just a street Jew. just a simple street Jew."


Haiku Update

Brothers of Light,
I would like to update you on my call for submission of Rebbe Haikus. The response has been somewhat promising, though I am still waiting for poems from some of our brass. Here's what we have so far.

Shekhina longing,
he sings Naomi Shemer.
Rebbe’s Hallel rocks.
-Zakein Mamrei

O' cold, dark galus...
Is rebbe the mashiach?
Only time will tell.
-The Holy Poet

grapefruit banana
orange melon mango nut
He removes klipah.
-Zakein Mamrei

off to victory
we stand on Rebbe's shoulders
A sword dipped in blood
-Akiva Ben Canaan

Eight-thirty minyan,
Rebbe walks up to daven,
out by ten thirty.


Rebbe's Army

Preparations for the Great Day

As we all know, every great revoltion has a dynamic leader and devoted followers. This we have. But as we also know, footsoldiers are necessary in the final stages of the uprising. Some may be found at the Thursday night shiur, but many of these potential recruits all too quickly disappear under their rocks. This leaves us with no alternative, other than to breed footsoldiers.

For this purpose, I suggest we think creatively:

An ideal breeding ground should be dark, warm and moist. Perhaps Zakein Mamrei can find some room in his basement?

Cloning is also an option; any suggestions for which of our Lieutenants should be cloned?

Breeding / cloning would not replace the need for Rebbe Boot Camp for kids; the oompa-loompas will still need leaders.


Cause every bad boy has a soft side.

Soldiers, it's time for you to submit a Rebbe haiku.
Here's mine:

Shekhina longing,
he sings Naomi Shemer.
Rebbe’s Hallel rocks.


Gevalt from Rosh HaGiva

Gevaltika Havdala from Rosh HaGiv'ah. When will all of Rebbe's Students gather next for such an event??


The Eagle , the Ring and the Mountains of Darkness

Every day Shlomo would rise early in the morning,
he would turn his face towards the east and would see what he would see.
Afterwards he would turn to the south and would see what he would see.
Then he would turn towards the north and stand there,
he lowered his eyes and straightened his head.
At that time, there was a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud that would come,
On the pillar of cloud came an eagle.
The eagle was great and strong.
This is the way he would come;
the right wing on the pillar of fire
and the its body and left wing on the pillar of cloud
The eagle would bring two leaves in its mouth
So they came, the pillar of cloud the pillar of fire and the eagle upon them
and bowed before King Shlomo
the eagle humbled himself before him and gave him the leaves
King Shlomo took the leaves and smelled them
he would sense in the smell a sign
and he would say,”this one is from Falling One,
and this one is from Uncovered Eyes.”
When there were two leaves
he would know that both Falling One and Uncovered eyes wish to reveal to him secret words.
What would he do?
He sealed his throne with a seal that was engraved in it the holy name,
and he took a ring that was engraved in it the holy name.
He then mounted the eagle and flew away.
The eagle climbed to the clouds,
and every placed where they would pass the light would become darkened.
The wise people who lived in the place where it became dark would know,
and would say, “ King Shlomo just passed by,”
and they wouldn’t know to where he was going.
The foolish people of that place would say,
“It was clouds that were passing by that made the world dark.”
The eagle rose higher and flew four hundred parsangs until he reached the Mountains of Darkness, there is Tadmor in the desert in the mountains,
and he would land there, raise his head and would see a Mountain of Darkness
There he would learn all that he needed
and he knew that in there he would enter
He rode the eagle like before and flew and rose into the mountains
until the place of the olive tree.
He called out with strength, “God your hand is raised, let them not see...(Isaiah 26, 11.)
He entered there until came close to that place,
he placed the ring with t he seal before him and came close
there he learned all that he wanted
of those foreign wisdoms which he wanted to know.
Once they told all that he wanted to know he rode on the eagle and returned to his place.
When he sat down on his throne, his mind became settled,
and he would speak from his mind precious words of wisdom.
Zohar II 112b

Hi guys, this is from my new blog http://chabakuk.blogspot.com/


Rebbe's Image

Rebbe's image has been a long debated topic within the revolution. There are some who thrive on Rebbe's image as the renegade YU Rosh Yeshivah. They percieve him as the great revolutionary the Besht of our time who will bring life to wisdom instead of bringing wisdom to life. They smile from ear to ear when they overhear their fellow MYPers mocking Rebbe's tardiness to davening and wait anxiously each year to throw rubber chickens at the purim shpiel. They look to Rebbe as the great fixer and finder of lost souls. There is a story they tell to illustrate how misunderstood they and their Rebbe truly are. You see one shabbos rebbe's leichter caught on fire and Rebbe attempted to pour water around the fire and do gram kibui rather than directly put out the fire. The Rebbetzin quickly grabbed a bucket of water preventing catastrophy. After that episode Rebbe vowed any time there was even a safek pikuach nefesh he wuld be the one to violate shabbos without hesitation as a true tzadik should. Years later Rebbe's cousin had an asthma attack on shabbos and rebbe grabbed him and jumped into the car to drive him to the hospital. The windows were down and the radio was blarig from before shabbos(rebbe is the only one in the heights with enough emunah to leave his car windows down overnight) and Rebbe quickly began driving to the hospital. Rebbe got caught at a red light only to see Rabbi Cohen staring right at hm while crossing the street. (who must have been assumed it was a pikuach nefesh situation) Some feel that Rebbe needs to be truly misunderstood by his collegues, yu administration, and students to truly make his mark. There is yet another camp who is on a crusade to improve Rebbe's image as much as possible. They are Rebbe's personal PR dept. and feel that Rebbe must truly infiltrate the ranks of the Yeshivah to change the Yeshivah from within. When confronted with Rebbe haters they quickly will remind their opposition that Rebbe was the longest talmud of the Rav(over 26 years) and used to even vacation with him in cape cod. They talk of the reshimos,Rebbe's pre davening visits to help the elderly, and publicize his efforts on behalf of the jews in Israel. Who is the real Rebbe you may ask? Does Rebbe need a public image campaign? Do we feel that if people will open themselves up to here the Rebbe's torah they will be hooked? Or by repackiging Rebbe do we run the risk of comprimising the Revolution? Will it still be recognisible in 5 years if we continue on this track or will it just be anoter branch of the CJF?

RRRR Summer Camp


Hello from France!
Sorry for the long lapse, but I'm way underground with amaylus in a profession filled with klipah...but can be great if harnessed correctly.
On to business...
It's that time of the year again: Applications to all sorts of summer camps are being sent out as we speak. There are a variety of trips in different locations for different reasons, but one is still lacking. That is the Rebbe Reichman Revolutionary (Boot) Camp.
Honestly. Where would you rather send your child than Rebbe Camp? There could be all sorts of classes and training for revolutionary hopefuls, like rubber chicken throwing 101, Arts and Crafts w/ our very own minister of Propaganda, and Jamborees with the Ruach Revival Band. There can also be an adult program, where RRRR members can hone their skills to serve better to the holy cause.
Obviously, there will be a long and difficult application process, since everyone is not Revolution material. Children of the Revolution are obviously welcome, and will be named Color War captains ASAP (Captain Izzy?) A location also needs to be decided (Do we go with Rebbe to Israel, or somewhere in Chutz LeAretz, like Indonesia?). Who knows? Maybe the next great RRRR member is just waiting for a chance like this to come in contact with the Revolution?
Hey, you need to get to them young, right?

P.S: Contrary to what Rebbe said at the Mela've Malke in Fair-Lawn, we all know Rebbe does have super magical powers.

Viva La Resistance!!!
Viva La Rebbe!!!

Quiet Desperation, Part 3 - Rebbe Nachman

A wealthy person in a distant city opened up his house to feed the poor. All were welcome. There were no time restraints for how long one can stay, nor were there any requirements to deserve such meals-such as work.

A poor man heard about that benevolence and decided he “needed a break” from his poverty and traveled there. Arriving in the city, he asked where the wealthy man lived and was shown a large, luxurious house. He entered and asked for a meal. The owner said, “If you want to get your meal?” and put him to work chopping wood and other back-breaking labors which the poor man worked at the whole day. When night finally fell, the homeowner directed the poor man to a house across the street and told him that he can eat his meal there.

The poor man entered the home and was seated at the table. While waiting for the meal to be served, he didn’t mince his words and expressed his wrath at having to work so hard just for the meal. When asked what happened, he told how he came to the house across the street and was immediately put to work at hard labor for the day. The host smiled and told him, “If you had come straight here, you would not have had to work at all!”

As Rebbe Nachman said, “Arbeten, arbet men fahr di avonos. Essen! Est men im zist!” We [must] work. This is for our sins. We eat. This is free! [i.e., a gift from God].


Quiet Desperation, Part 2: Thank G-d for Rebbe, and Torah Too

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation..."

The life of man is filled with frustrations, on so many levels;

For the average man, there seems to be no escape...

Where would we be without Rebbe?


Dispatches from the field: A Rebbe Hallel

An intrepid footsoldier has captured these images of Rebbe leading Hallel at some point over the past few days of Chanukah. Sources say he led with a variety of Rebbe standards, including the Victory Niggun for Hodu, which was sang by all those gathered with much enthusiasm and spirit.
Happy Chanukah!

Rebbe Reichman on Chanukah: Dowload the PDF!



Rebbe and the Sand...

The Eiruv issue reminds me of the story of Rebbe and the sand of Gush Katif. What would Rebbe have done with the sand if he had been able to carry it on Shabbos?

Would he have done something with it after? Perhaps he would have acted like He-Man in the episode "Temple (lehavdil) of the Sun." You'll recall that He-Man digs his hands into a pile of sand and by rubbing the sand at super-speed, generates enough heat to make large pieces of glass.

I could see Rebbe making a nice window.

Or maybe some Waterford crystal Lekovid Shabbos.

Is Reb Judah the only one with me on this?


Rebbe's new mission

Rebbe is on a new mission.

Anyone who has ever been to YU on a Friday night knows that the best option for seudas shabbos is Rebbe Reichman's. The stories of tzadikim, the deep divrei torah, penetrating insights, hearty zmiros, and of course the gourmet shabbos food, keep the guests pining for a return visit-- in fact some of them actually move into the apartment for a while.

One problem -- We have to memorize a dvar torah, becuase we cant bring our favorite seforim to the apartment. For that matter you cant bring tissues either. We cant carry anything, because there is no eiruv!

Rebbe has to stop every week on the way home to remind people to stop carrying. Some people forget. Now the Rebbe has decided something must be done. The YU Eiruv must be extended. The Rabbanim have agreed. Google maps has been consulted. The papers have been drafted and the plan is ready. Only one last obstacle stands in the way.

Paula, who works in the Grounds and Maintenance office, needs to hear from the devoted followers. All she needs to do is send in the papers to the city. She wants to hear that people actually want the eiruv.

So please, fulfill rebbe's will, call her at 212-960-5400 and ask for grounds and maintenance. Then ask for Paula. Tell her that you want the eiruv extended and ask her when she will do her part. All she needs to do is send something to the city.

Keep watching here for updates. Please call her every day until you see on this blog that you have been successful.

Rebbe's family will thank you.