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Fellow Jews (even snags, in the spirit of the great day):

Join the Danimal, Akiva Ben Canaan, our Field Commander, Corporal Izzy and many other great Jews for Seudah in Fair Lawn, NJ - we'll start just before Chatzos at about 1pm...

48 Kingsland Court
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Besoros Tovos


Davening with Rebbe


After the unspeakable events that happened yesterday, many people have been asking "How are we bring Adar in with Simcha if we feel so much pain?" I also had this question, and decided that the best way to get the answer would be to go to Rosh Chodesh davening with Rebbe.
The minyan was packed with members and followers of the Revolution, as well as all of our brothers from other movements. You could tell this wouldn't be an ordinary Rebbe davening from the moment it started. During Sacharis, Rebbe's voice was filled with more intensity and concentration than usual. He spent more time than usual during the brochos of Shema, and we felt his tefilos during Chazaras HaShatz.
When Hallel came up, even more people walked in, just to hear Rebbe daven Hallel on this polar day. Rebbe used mostly slow niggunim, like "Machnisai Rachamin," "Ana Hashem," and "Ve'LeYerushalayim" for Hallel. Rebbe's voice had the longing to be close to Hashem in this difficult time, and was a very memorable experience. After Torah reading and Musaf, I wished Rebbe a good Chodesh and could see the pain and anguish on his face. At the same time, he gave me a big smile and wished me a good chodesh and good shabbos. The time was 10:00.
Only a day after this great tradgedy, I dont know what to say/do that will make anything better. All I know is that spending time davening with Rebbe provided me with Nechama, even if it was microscopic compared to the pain we feel. The closeness to Hashem that Rebbe brought to his congregation gave a few moments of clarity in this time of confusion.
I don't know if this provides any answers to anyone, and I didn't intend this to be an answer to our sfakos. All I wanted to share with our following is an experience I had with Rebbe, and be makir tov to Rebbe for providing light in a time of darkness.

May we only share in Sichas in the future.

Good Shabbos.


Thinking of our brothers in Jerusalem...

More often than not, it seems, the saddest events occur during what is supposed to be our happiest month. A few years ago, just before Purim, the Seidenfeld family in Teaneck was torn apart by a fire, just before Purim. And now, so many young high school boys in Merkaz Harav, their lives destroyed...

Every year, we struggle with the same question; what does our Father in Heaven want from us in such a month?

May God have mercy on His children.


Thoughts on Gan Rebbe

Upon discussion of Gan Rebbe with our fearless field commander, we had a fascinating thought. We have all experienced Rebbe as a fixer of broken vessels, as one who mends the broken-hearted. But if we should establish a Gan Rebbe, and then Rebbe Elementary, and then RRRRHS, and our children are shepherded, personally, by Rebbe from beginning to end - will there be any broken pieces for Rebbe to glue back together?

A vital part of our experience, what makes us followers of Rebbe, is our shared experience of isolation and brokenness at some point in our pre-Rebbe existence. Will our children, saturated with the light of Rebbe from day 1, be able to share this experience of Rebbe as a mender with their parents? Will the lack of this shared experience drive a wedge between parent and child, between the older and younger generations of the RRRR?!?

Must we first break our children before sending them to Rebbe? Or is the world broken enough, so that it will accomplish the job on its own, anyway?