Mazel Tov to the Danimal on the birth of a baby nephew!
May the young Bloom be zocheh to follow in the footsteps of Rebbe, his Uncle, and the the other young soldiers of the revolution!

Jerks, Jerks

It is by now well known that Rebbe reveals to us the deepest of teachings on Purim. This year was no exception.

Upon speaking to Rebbe during the height of the Seudah, Rebbe repeatedly stated, so that we would not forget, that Haman and Achashverosh were JERKS, JERKS, JERKS! Only a JERK would think he could destroy Klal Yisroel!

Why did Rebbe describe our hated enemies, may their memories be blotted out, with specifically this term?

With a little gematria, the answer is obvious:

Jerk (gimmel / yud / reish /kuf) = 313

Haman = 95

Saddam = 105

Snag = 113

Snag + Haman + Saddam = Jerk