I have had the honor to learn the Daf with Rebbe over the past few weeks. It has been rewarding learning Sotah with Rebbe as Rebbe has been able to provide me with a unique glipmse into the depth of Aggadah. I often attempt to learn the daf with my Schver on Shabbos and noticed that Rebbe always stays two or three Daf ahead of the Daf yomi cycle. I was wondering if he lost count or perhaps there is some deeper message that Rebbe is trying to transmit to me? A lifeline please?


Question for Rebbe (and the rest of the Revolution)

I was having a discussion with the Minister of Propaganda, and the following question came up: Is Gefilte P. Fish a lawyer or not? According to episodes "Goldstein, Goldstein & Fish Legal Services," as well as "Crisis in Egypt," it would seem like Mr. Fish should be Gifelte P. Fish, esq. However, due to a lack of a diploma and consistent legal practice, we are unsure. Does any member of the RRRR know the answer to this question? And if so, will he be the offical lawyer of the RRRR?


The Minister of Agricultre and the Lieutenant Guv'nah

The Queen of England's Nova Scotian representatives meet with Rebbe's Minister of Agriculture.
Pleasantries were exchanged, as the MoA presented the Nova Scotians with a basket of bananas and mangos.


Rebbe, Breslov and a Namesake - A Deeper Connection?

"Rabbi Herschel Reichman (d. 1967) was a devoted Breslover from Radomishla, Poland, who similarly helped establish the Breslov kehillah upon his arrival in America and printed the Rebbe’s seforim. As a yeshivah bochur, Reb Herschel overcame all obstacles in order to attend the Rosh Hashanah kibbutz in Lublin, once suffering to travel there atop a farmer’s wagon full of manure. During the last year of his life he succeeded in going to Uman to recite the Tikun HaKlalli beside the Rebbe’s grave. He considered this to be a heavenly reward for the mesirus nefesh he had demonstrated in his youth by traveling to Lublin under such inglorious circumstances."