Chushim Ben Dan "The Bear Jew"

They say that if you put a frog into a beaker of boiling hot water it will jump right out but if you place it in a Luke warm one and gradually raise the temperature it will boil to death. Ah the ability to adapt! We Jews have always had this koach to cope with the temperature as it begins to rise. Upon hearing esav's objection to them laying their father to rest in his ancestral burial plot, the tribes gradually got used to the idea of their father yackov's body laying out in the open sun to rot. Enter the bear Jew, chushim ben dan and he won't have it. He is deaf perhaps his battery died or he just didn't want to hear it, wasn't ready to get used to the idea of being a victim and he changed the course of history with one swing of the bat! Any tough Jew who has walked the streets of the world has him to thank. Chushim said yes as Jews we have this strength to be able to endure and adapt to any situation but were not gonna take it anymore! And when a Jew anywhere finds himself adapting to the culture around him, philosophizing away his birthright, or selling out, he must call on the bear Jew within him to awaken, cast off the shackles and slug out the demons inside who urge complacency. A Gutten Chodesh