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So- I know when some of us where in DC for iowa simcha there was talk about a "meeting" of Rebbe Revivalists. That we should all gather because everyone has been sent out on their missions. I think it is very nice idea, and the possibilities are endless. I would def gain a lot- i think Rebbe would have a lot of nachas if there was some kind of gathering. I think sometime this summer would be a great time, early before Rebbe gos to israel. Now of course this is a big security risk...so if any one has input on the matter...


Rebbe's tzedaka policy at the kotel
After returning from A trip to Israel a few years ago I cynically asked rebbe one day in shiur " What should I do when all of the shnorers approach me at the kotel asking for money? I went on to explain to rebbe that some are not legit and pray on stupid americans who are overcome with emotion as they visit their estranged homeland. Rebbe explained as follows: He carries dollars with him when he goes to the kotel. He has his regulrs who he knows are legit and gives them a check or a benjamin. For the rest Rebbe makes the following deal with the creator of the world. Rebbe says"Hashem, It could be there are some jews who will approach me at the kotel to ask for money that they don't really need. Now I am going to give to everybody without asking questions. Sometimes I ask for things that I don't really need, so when I do, please give those things to me without asking any questions. May we be zocheh to give without asking questions even if we may get a scamed from time to time. viva la rebbe!


Ben S'Gan Kohanim

... has agreed to begin blogging daily (or perhaps weekly to start), summarizing the most important nuggets of Rebbe's Chasidus (and other) teachings which he covers in his daily YU shiur. As the only full-time member of Rebbe's shiur who is also a member of this blog, Ben will play a vital role in keeping the channel of direct communication open with the Rebbe and his torah of the present. Though it is wonderful to reconnect with members of the RRRR who are spread throughout the world, the blog has been markedly absent of current torah from the Rebbe. I believe this should be one of the central purposes of this blog.

Ben, please accept our deepest thanks for accepting this responsibility.

We know you will not fail us or the Rebbe.



Heard from the river of Rebbe's lips

68) I heard from Rebbe one time that Rebbe’s mehalech was the shitah of teferet. Teferet being the blend of geverah and chesed. Rebbe explaned that Rebbe’s lifestyle was one that had aspects of the Yeshivah world and that of the Chasdidic world.
I heard from Rebbe that this was a Messianic thing because if the Jewish world wasn’t “blended” than when the Mashiach would be declared, if he was of a Lubavitch persasion than Satmar would have a hard time acceptiong that. If Mashiach was a Yeshivisg guy, than maybe the SEfardim would have a hard time accepting that. This is why if Mashiach had different aspects incoprated into his life, all camps would be able to accept him.
I heard from Rebbetzin one time talk about one of their daughters wedding which brought together different types of Jews. There were the Yerushalmi Briskers and the kipah srugah Shilo-nites. All of them brought togherhter because of Rebbe’s shitah of teferet.


Whats the dealio?

so, baruch hashem- everything is doin great in c-town...but i keep getting arutz sheva emails, and it is sometimes makes me upset to see what is goin on...jews getting kicked out, hebron constantly getting hassled, arabs shooting at jews, assad talking war, israeli leaders who seem not dedicated to the torah true way. What is the REBBE way? how do we the talmidim of rebbe understand and react to sitations like these?


May we all be blessed with peace and joy. Michael Shapiro

Rebbe Reichman Arrested

I was riding in a car with Rabbi Avi Weiss of HIR in Riverdale, and we were speaking of the upcoming act of civil disobedience that Rabbi Weiss and others planned to take part in a few days later.

I must have mentioned something about Rebbe Reichman, because Rabbi Weiss turned around (he was in the front seat), and said "oh, yeah, Heshe, he and I have been arrested together before." I was a bit stunned at first, and then asked when this occurred. Rabbi Weiss thought it was probably in the early 90's.

Rebbe Trivia anyone?

Bat Ayin Summer Program

If you know somebody who might be interested in this program please pass it on. http://www.batayin.org/summer

Alternative methods

Yogo, I think its time to use your Chicago connections. No more Mr. Nice guy. "Ven vee tell you to sing for us, you sing!"


I came to the garden, waiting for him...

I opened to my beloved;
but my beloved had withdrawn himself, [and] was gone:
my soul failed when he spake:
I sought him, but I could not find him;
I called him, but he gave me no answer.
Song of Solomon 5:2-6

Brethren-- We must not lose hope

With all of our kochos, we must seek ever more strongly and urgently to bring Michael Shapiro to New York (or even Jersey!?!?) for an extended multi-day visit, including a Shabbos davening with him at the helm, melave malka, etc.

If we can't accomplish this, I'm not sure what our little "ruach revival" is truly made of.

It may take time, effort and cash bribes in Swiss bank accounts, but we WILL get this done, gentlemen.

We must not give up faith.

"If we will it, it is no dream"
-some dude with a long beard and a really intense stare

Are we men, or ARE WE MEN?


Michael Shapiro Correspondence - Failure, Yet Again

In a desperate effort to connect, I emailed Michael Shapiro asking him to play for us over here.
He responded:

Dear Elie,It was so nice to hear from you and to receive your invitation to visit and share my music. Thank you for this kind offer. My work here in Phoenix requires of me to be present throughout the year giving little opportunity to travel. So at least for now, I won't be able to come. I will remember your offer and contact you if some time opens up. May we all be blessed with peace and joy. Michael Shapiro

He might as well as have said - when pigs fly I'll come to NY to play for you and your stupid friends!

Bitter Waters!


Michael Shapiro Mission Update


As I wrote before, I spent the second days of the Holy Redemption Holliday in Phoenix, AZ. As many of you know, Michael Shapiro lives in Scottsdale, AZ, a subarb of Phoenix. Before I got on the plane to go, I wrote Michael Shapiro an email that I have been touched by his music over the past years, and would love to meet him while I would be in PHX so I could personally buy the new cd from him. In response, this is what he wrote:

"Dear Josh,

Thank you for contacting me and for your kind words about the music. I do appreciate knowing that this music has touched others and brought joy to their lives. If you prefer, I can send you the Cd's by mail and you can send a check made to Beyond 12 Gates to 1229 E. Angela Dr. Phoenix, AZ. 85022. Just let me know which ones you would like and a shipping address. They are $12 each and $2 total for any size order for the postage. Let me know if this works for you and thank you.

with gratitude,

Michael Shapiro"

After seeing this, I realized that this would not be the right time to visit Michael Shapiro. As the holliday ended, I lost much hope, since I didnt think that I would be returning to PHX in the near future. Suddenly, my dad remarked that if he ever came back, he would drive from LA to PHX instead of flying. I turned to him and asked how long the drive was, and he said 5-6 hrs. This new info gave me new hope, and now I have a tentative plan to drive from LA to PHX this summer to meet Michael Shapiro. This may include many things, including propaganda (YoGo, get started), shaving my beard and/or payus (unclear), and wearing a do-rag and aerosmith shirt. If anyone else is interested, please let me know.

I will be out in the garden waiting for you and your responses


Until when???

Do other people use Rebbe like I do? So far I have had Rebbe write a letter to University of Chicago for me, used Rebbe for an apartment rental referal, my wife has used Rebbe for several job searches....we almost took REbbe's machine shmurah matzah this year.

Being in nyc for the first days of pesach- my wife and i went to yu to see Rebbe...during our meeting, he took a phone call from one of the guys Rebbe sprung out of jail...he was trying to hook him up with some work...one of the lessons of this story is that if any of us get busted and sent to jail for hooliganism in the yu main beis, not only will Rebbe get us out, but Rebbe will get u a job...nice.

PS- after talking it over with our french connection, Liget wants to establish a RRRR color war, i said there is no room for laynard whistles and clipboards in the revival...or is there?

Michael Shapiro Update!!!

Michael Shapiro has a new website (thanks Lig'et!)

He has teachings, song samples, and will have lyrics posted soon.

I began listening to his new song, "Divine Compassion," and it is beautiful!

Here is the link:



How the State of Israel came into being

Shneur Zalman Rubishov, more commonly known as Shazar - the third President of the State of Israel, came from a Chabad upbringing but ultimately wandered off into secular Zionism. It seems however that in his heart there remained some Chabadsker warmth. So everybody knows that in Chabad the alter Rebbe’s niggun Daled Bavos is mamash Sanctum Sanctorum. It is sung in public only on very rare occasions. When a Lubavitcher chasid would find himself in a real tight spot he would sing the niggun to himself an salvation would quickly come. Shazar, even in his bareheaded days followed this custom.
Then in 1947 he was sent by the Jewish Agency to UN General Assembly where the was going to be a vote on whether the UN would support a Jewish State in Palestine. Shazar was sitting there in unbearable trepidation, "Will they vote for us or not?" He attempted to sing the niggun Daled Bavos but this very familiar niggun disappeared from his memory. He realized that the gates of heaven were closed and he started sweating while trying with all his might to retrieve the niggun. Finaly, from the depths of desperation he reached into his pocket and took out a slip of paper upon which he wrote the words, "Ana Hashem Hoshia Na!" He then turned around an handed it to a man sitting behind him who looked a little Jewish. The man immediately handed back the paper with the words, "Ana Hashem Hatzlicha Na!" And all heaven’s gates burst open; the Alter Rebbe’s niggun came down. And Shazar knew not to worry about a thing, because everythin’ is gonna be alright. And the motion for a Jewish State passed in the UN with 33 votes for, 13 against, and 10 abstaining.
Shazar later told this story to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Reb Yosef Yitzchak, who told him that the passing of the notes was like an act of prayer.


Let us recount the tales of the Tzadikim and may their light shine upon us

"I Heard this story from the Rebbe Reb Mendel of Vorke. His father Reb Yitzchak of Vorke once spent Shabbos with the Rizhiner Rebbe. The custom of the heilege Rizhiner was that during the tish he would enter an intense state of Dvekus and there was to be absolute silence in the room. Nobody was allowed to make any noise. This time there a man in the room who was nebach suffering from the coughing disease (probably bronchitis or tuberculosis), and he started coughing. All the Chassidim began screaming at him for disturbing their Rebbe’s dvekus. He tried to stop but he couldn’t control his cough. But then the Rizhiner himself shouted, 'Stop coughing!' So he mustered all his strength to hold back cough until he started choking.
The Vorker Rebbe was sitting right next to the Rizhiner. So he leaned over and whispered,
'Have some Rachmunis on the guy, he can’t stop himself, it’s mamash a situation of pikuach nefesh.'
'That’s why I told him to stop coughing,' replied the Rizhiner.
And on that day the man became totally healthy."
(The photo is of Reb Dovid Moshe of Chortkov the son of the Rizhiner Rebbe.Pretty chilin' shtriemel he's got there, huh?)


Elie Kohl is a Father!!! MAZAL TOV!!!

(Click to Enlarge Picture)

Elie and Naomi Kohl became parents of a beautiful baby BOY today! Elie says the baby has the makings of a Gerer chassid-- he weighs 9.6 pounds...

Mazal Tov to the Kohls, I am sure the little guy will light up the world!

Video of Reb Shlomo with the Amshinover Rebbe



Wedding Details?

What are the revolutions plans for the Rebbe's daughter's wedding? Is the band free that night for an appearance? Who is going to represent? Has the secret date, time and location been established and passed along? (When is it?)

Peace and Pesach Shalom to Everyone